Monday, January 5, 2009


I know, posts have been slacking lately...
sorry.. we are busy trying to get the house sell ready before we put it on the market on the first of February, plus, we are trying to plan a The Jungle Book party for D's 2nd birthday and have discovered that absolutely nothing exist partywise pertaining to the Jungle Book... so most stuff, we are having to make ourselves. Great.

Plus, I got a new camera with my birthday money and I haven't put it to use yet.. I want to read up on everything on it first. Sorry.

Also.. the other day, I had a girls day with my momma... I took some of my Christmas money and took it to Southland Greyhound Park (we went to the Casino part), and turned my Christmas money $400.00 richer. Of course, I spent most of it on the house to get it sell ready, but he part I saved for myself..
I got a new 300 series dremel, with a mini saw horse and the flex shaft accessory and cross cut blade accessory.. plus more bits to do more stuff.

I love it.. and yes, I know, I am weird.. oh well.



Jessica said...

Glad to know that I'm not the only slacking blogger...Good luck with the house selling!

Amanda and Michelle said...

So yeah, you lost me at 300 series something that sounds like a power tool...but Amanda and I are thinking about y'all as you get ready to move! -m