Friday, January 9, 2009

Poison Control and late night jitters

So, Thursday morning, 4:00am, I woke to a very familiar noise... someone going thru the fridge and as I slowly, with a groan, got out of bed, I heard a not very comforting noise of glass breaking...
damn... I said to myself as I hurried my pace to the kitchen...
What I saw was quite disturbing...

"G, put it down slowly... do not walk" (then I remembered how the Early intervention people displayed to me that G does not understand 'not')
"No move feet G, take the knife out of your mouth and lay it down"

Before I could really get the words out, I got the large butcher (not the square kind) knife out of his mouth. He was surrounded in a mass of broken glass from a jelly jar. He had taken this knife and was scrapping jelly off the glass and eating it.

I ripped him up, calmly took him back to his room and explain to him why his spanking was coming and that he in NO WAY needs to be playing in the kitchen and how bad bad bad it is and how he can hurt himself.
Then I cleaned up the kitchen and thought that was it.
As I was putting him back in bed for the 2nd time, I saw the destruction in the living room.
water bottle on the couch with uncle Berek's iPod touch (thankfully the top still on the water bottle)
birth control pills... one is missing... call poison control.
change jar emptied and scattered.

When I returned to the living room from the 3rd time putting him back into bed, I broke down... J was there to comfort and say "he is fine... he isn't hurt".

I responded through the sobs "we are going to wake up one of these mornings and he won't be ok".

This has past the point of funny and "OMG HE IS A NINJA"
He is putting himself in real danger and it has to stop.

So, we put a alarm system on his door... a siren goes off through the house if his door become ajar.
It wakes the whole house.
Last night we discovered just how much he is getting up.
5 times I counted... J may have a different number since he got up every time but the last.

Anyone else have any ideas??
We keep the door unlocked because he needs access to the bathroom and we don't want to move the urinal into his room...

**Also, we do have drawer locks where the knives are.. he knows how to unlock him... we also have a fridge lock and a dishwasher lock... he had ripped the fridge lock apart.


Emmilu said...

I assume it is stupid to ask if he can climb over a very tall baby gate?? We still have 4 super tall gates (with walk through doors) strategically placed throughout our house to trap our boy in/out of places... but he recently was injured trying to climb one of them. I honestly think the first thing I would do is call the pediatrician and tell him he needs to find out why he is not sleeping... 5+ times every night is a lot of night waking.... He is never hitting REM if he's doing that. I'm surprised he's not a walking zombie during the day. Hang in there, I know that is so scary.

Amanda and Michelle said...

is enrolling him in the CIA black-ops program an option? Holy Cow! Bless your heart, and thank God he is ok. the only thing I can think of is the crib and bed nets for caging in karate-kid-little-ones.

Jessica said...

Oh my gosh! Your kid is amazing! I'm sorry this has gotten so out of hand for you. Does the alarm stop him at all, or is it just making it so you can catch him every time?