Friday, January 16, 2009

Movie Friday

Every Friday we have movie Friday where the boys can watch movies all day long... they don't get to during the week, so we leave the "learning" for Monday thru Thursday and being lazy and watching movies on Friday..
Of course it keeps them occupied, so I get to get some stuff done... Playing with my juicer has taken up most of the morning as I made Strawberry Balsamico and Strawberry cream cheese.
I have never seen so many mason jars in my fridge.

Of course, every now and then D will come look at me with the look, and I have to say "Everyone knows who you are..." and he says "woooooo-deeee". THANK YOU very much Toy Story 2.

J worked from home all day yesterday... he is official now, and it went surprisingly well. The boys really are doing ok with it.
This is what his new lunch break looks like on Fridays...

Enjoy your weekend..
I am going back to being lazy for the day... or making some more stuff.. haven't decided.

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Emmilu said...

look at their cute little matching christmas pajamas! How long is it going to be before you get your good nite lite? I was thinking of ordering one for our early weekend riser too!