Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Good Nite Lite

My review...
3 stars

It has done exactly what it preaches... it is teaching G to stay in his room until the sun comes up... for the most part.

G loves it! He HAS to see the moon going to bed and he gets so worked up about it. He loves it. Good sign #1.

I set the timer just as the directions said and have been following the "up the timer 15 minutes every day until a desired wake up time". I have skewed from that a bit setting it up 15 minutes after a 100% successful night that he doesn't leave his room until the sun is up. We started at 4:30 and we are now at 6:15. Good sign #2.

If he gets out before the 'sun comes up' I make him stay in his room... continually put him back in until the sun comes up. When it does, he gets so excited to see it and he has to show me it and we do the whole "we are so proud of you.. you waited to see the sun come up!!!" It does make him so proud of himself. And we are dealing with every other night issues now instead of every night. Good sign #3.

Now, it runs on batteries and on electricity... I naively assumed that this meant it was interchangeable to your needs... I was wrong. I really wanted this to be like a battery powered clock on the wall... something out of reach. It is not. One ray on the sun is missing already. Bad sign #1.

You know how frustrating it is when the power goes out and your alarm clock resets and so you have to make sure you have batteries in it for a backup.. THIS doesn't work that way. It would be fine if the power went out, but if the unit itself gets turned off, the timers get reset and the sun comes on automatically until the unit is turned back on.... G has turned of the unit and come to be beaming at 4:30 am claiming he saw the sun.. I told him he was crazy and he proved to me that I was. Bad sign #2.

Now the last two things, we have gotten past, for now. He adores this thing so much that we told him if he touched it again, he would break it, so he doesn't need to play with it... he hasn't touched it since... for that we are thankful.

Of course, we now have to take it out of the outlet every day... but we don't reset it... so the timers stay programmed.

So, it gives us more hassle than we thought it would/should... BUT BUT BUT... it is doing what it was designed to do.

Also, the real test is when I go back to sleeping in my room... right now I am on the couch to catch him... because for some reason, the alarm at the top of the door is mysteriously getting turned off at night...
yes it is on the outside of the door and at the top of the door frame.
I blame the cats.

5 stars for doing what it says it will do
1 star for durability
2 stars for ease of use
4 stars for child likability

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