Wednesday, January 14, 2009


So I got THIS for Christmas and!
If you know me well enough, you know that my kids get very very limited amounts of sugar. Like, birthday parties only and they have to share a piece limited amount.

'So do you not give them juice'

Before the juicer, nope... they get milk and water only! But now, I will make them a glass of freshly prepared juice with the juicer a few times a week. (ATTENTION GRANDPARENTS: Don't take this as all clear to give them juice... only juice that comes straight out of a juicer is allowed). Put fresh fruit in and get fresh juice with absolutely nothing added out and serve.. period.
And they love it.
One of G's many nights rummaging through the house here lately, I found 2 packs of raspberries, 2 packs of strawberries, and 2 packs of blueberries on the counter and he was trying to figure it out.. when I caught him, he said "Make juice".
Loves it!

Now, the 2nd part of this.. anyone who knows me knows it bugs the poop out of me that the "pulp" left over might go to waste.

So I have been keeping it frozen and in the freezer and dated. I have used all the pulp I have created now!
from Orange juice, all the orange pulp went into 1) frozen orange pops (just froze the pulp into pops) for the boys and 2) orange vinaigrette dressing (add vinegar and a small amount of the fresh juice).
from the grape/blueberry juice, I mixed the pulp with peanut butter and made it into a sandwich for the boys lunch yesterday... they loved it!!
from the apple juice, I made apple/Cinnamon pancakes for breakfast by simply mixing the pulp into the batter.

I am going to make some raspberry juice today and use the pulp for raspberry vinaigrette. J loves vinaigrette dressing.

I am still waiting to make carrot muffins from the carrot pulp.

Thanks momma for this present.. I love it...


Amanda and Michelle said...

You are genius! I've been wracking my brain trying to figure out what to do with the pulp from our juicer! Hello, these are all brilliant ideas. THANKS!

Emmilu said...


It's Kimpossible! said...

I think I watched the informercial for that thing a dozen times this weekend. It catches my eye everytime. I've wondered how much true all the claims were. Glad to know it is as useful as they say it is. Now, I might have to get one myself.

Question, what about the veggie juice? Is it really as bad as it looks or as good as they say it tastes?