Thursday, January 29, 2009

So.. snow

So we got snow.

I don't necessarily like snow.

It is cold and wet and you have to bundle up to go in it and stay somewhat frostbite free.. so needless to say, if you have to pee... you better catch it quick.. how uncomfortable.

Well.. that was the first thing G wanted to do.. "MAMA PEE IN SNOW!!".. and I let him. He got a kick out of it. Moving on...

I was not going to get up in all the drama that surrounded Memphians with kids yesterday who were all "OMG IT IS SNOW... LETS GO SLEDDING/PLAYING/GETTINGCOLDANDWET".

I figured, my kids didn't need to get sick.. that was my excuse and I was sticking with it.

Until it hit about 2 and the snow was really starting to disappear and I started feeling guilty.

Then the boys woke from their nap.

Yea.. we ended up outside.

Them bundled in layers and me in my crocs and windbreaker.

I am officially sick today.

They are fine.

Except for in the head because all they would do was eat the snow...


Emmilu said...

I know that's all Liam wanted to do too... why do they like to eat it... off the swing set, off the ground, off the grill, the car.. yuck!

Anonymous said...

I TRIED to get Ryan to eat the snow and she wouldn't!