Wednesday, January 7, 2009

8 mouths to feed

You know people, I adore every living creature in this house. The four legged babies I have are still my babies, even after little humans. Sometimes though, the day gets hard making sure the 2 cats get fed once a day, the 2 dogs get fed 2 times a day, the 2 itty bitty humans get fed 3 square and 2 snacks, then us big ones get at least 3 good meals. There are some days when I feel like all I am doing is feeding, watering.. whatever.
I use to have it harder when G was into his whole "lets eat the dogs food and drink their water stage."

Unfortunately too, that is when Sasha was going through the whole "I have diagnosed Giardia stage" too. But that is another post for another day.

But now.. oh now, I have a precious baby that is willing to help...

Thank you sweet boy.. I am sure Pluto appreciates you as much as you do me.

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