Sunday, January 11, 2009

Wow, what a week

Internet for me has been off and on all week long. We are getting J's digital phone and all of that installed upstairs (aka. his new office) and it has been screwing with the wireless internet in the house. Comcast has been out twice and will be out here a third time Monday night.

Long way to say, "sorry for the lack of posting".

OH, I wanted to publically respond to the comments on the last post... please, keep the ideas coming.. I need them.

Emmilu said...
I assume it is stupid to ask if he can climb over a very tall baby gate?? We still have 4 super tall gates (with walk through doors) strategically placed throughout our house to trap our boy in/out of places... but he recently was injured trying to climb one of them. I honestly think the first thing I would do is call the pediatrician and tell him he needs to find out why he is not sleeping... 5+ times every night is a lot of night waking.... He is never hitting REM if he's doing that. I'm surprised he's not a walking zombie during the day. Hang in there, I know that is so scary.

He has proven that he can climb over anything. Unfortunately, we had to give up the baby gates for G a long time ago. The one we have is exactly what you are talking about, extra tall with a walk through door. He has got some monkey toes or something because he climbs by hanging on with his toes to places you can believe. But thank you, thank you, thank you about the idea of his night waking.. I guess we have been so "OMG how can we get him to stop" that we didn't see the whole "why isn't he sleeping."
I am starting to chart his waking and all of his sleep habits for ammo when I do call his doc.

Amanda and Michelle said...
is enrolling him in the CIA black-ops program an option? Holy Cow! Bless your heart, and thank God he is ok. the only thing I can think of is the crib and bed nets for caging in karate-kid-little-ones.

I wish it were because I would love to have the extra green comin' into the house. He was out of a crib at 16 months when he started climbing out... we just put him a toddler bed then so he wouldn't hurt himself... We use to have one of those nets... intially bought so the cats wouldn't get in the crib, but of course, we couldn't get it to fit our cribs. Thank you so much though.. keep those ideas coming.

Jessica said...
Oh my gosh! Your kid is amazing! I'm sorry this has gotten so out of hand for you. Does the alarm stop him at all, or is it just making it so you can catch him every time?

It just makes us catch him before he gets too far rummaging through the house alone. It has made him wait at the door until we tell him it is ok to come out. We have also just ordered this...

The objective of the "Good Nite Lite" is to educate children to stay in bed until it is morning. Children between the ages of 3 and 5 years of age are just starting to grasp the concept of day and night and how it relates to regularly scheduled rest. The Good Nite Lite can assist children with better differentiating the concept of nighttime and daytime and reinforce the benefits of appropriate sleep patterns. The Good Nite Lite device itself is an innovative combination of a traditional night light and a built in timer that changes the visual display characteristics to reinforce a regular sleep pattern.
Believe me, when it comes in and I put it to work, I will defintely let you know if it works.

Now, for the week.
Most of the week, Uncle Berek and Jenny were in town to visit and spend time with the boys... We had a blast and they fixed us breakfast Friday morning... which was so good.
Plus, I think D might be trying to steal Uncle "Bear"'s girlfriend... he was a little taken to say the least.

This weekend, we helped friends celebrate a birthday. A man who I have known and been close to their family for over 18 years turned 60 and he had a surprise party. Then I hung out with some buds afterwards and had a great time.
One thing I did learn from looking back on the pics...
My big butt needs to start wearing makeup.. I look like I haven't sleep in years...

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