Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Years Resolutions.. did they fall to the wasteside?

This was the first year that I made New Years resolutions and actually kept them in mind throughout the year. I wrote them on my white board in the kitchen and they stayed there!

How did I do?
Well, I had 6, 3 of which were not measurable... so with them, it is a matter of opinion if I finished them.

Here were mine:
1) More coupon shopping - I did do better this year
2) Prepare and take the PE in April 2009 or October 2009 - I suck
3) Do more for March of Dimes - We are doing away with out team, so this one doesn't count
4) Keep scrapbooks up to date - I suck more
5) Get more organized - I did good on this one.. label anyone?
6) 120 lbs and stay there. - I am a big fat sucker

Time snuck up on me on the PE, I didn't really 'try' on the weight thing and I just feel very overwelmed by the scrapbooks... but I did something? right? Bueller?

New Ones!!!

1) Prepare to take PE in April 2010 or October 2010 (very last chance I could do it)
2) Get down to 120 or lower and stay there
3) Get scrapbooks up to date

That is all I am going to put because we have a hectic first of the year for ourselves.. We have to spend most of our time getting the house prepared to sell, planning 2 birthday parties (did you know they don't sell The Jungle Book theme party supplies.. anywhere... like not even overseas), putting the house on the market, storing stuff, selling stuff, packing stuff...
I am tired already.

I hope everyone has a terrific New Years... be safe tonight, there are crazies out.. and don't be one of them.

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Amanda and Michelle said...

I suck at resolutions! Every year I think I'm going to rock my list, but I don't. My '08 resolutions were to do some "fitness" activity daily and to do some sort of community service every month. I did OK, however I think I'm going to skip this year :).

Happy New Year to you!