Monday, January 26, 2009

Oops.. forgot to mention

This weekend my parents kept the kiddos again while J and I worked on painting the house. The Realtor came and picked out color schemes and all that on Thursday, so on Friday, we dropped off the kiddos headed to Lowe's.

And since we had to change the color of the trim, we had to change out every outlet and every light switch.... about 33 of each. Nice.. We got the contractors bulk package. lol.

Everyday the boys are away, I call first thing the morning just to see how the night or morning went and see if G put himself on the brink of tragedy. He didn't this weekend thank goodness.

Unfortunately I realized the first day that I didn't prep mom enough.

Mom: "G started something new... since he knows I have a key to the bathroom he now pulls out the drawer to block the door from opening."
Me: "Oops.. I forgot to mention that... we have ended up taking the drawer out... Sorry"

Mom: "Oh, and I caught him in there eating all the toothpaste"
Me: "Ooops... sorry.. forgot to tell you he has gone to great lengths to get to the toothpaste.. sorry"

It's sad when the crazy things your kids do slip your mind to mention because nothing shocks you anymore.

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Emmilu said...

yeah, but he's so cute!