Monday, January 19, 2009


The boys wanted to show off their skills... total white boy/no dancin' skills... but overall, their skills.


Anyone who knows my family well enough knows, our animals/pets are like our children. We hurt when they hurt and we mourn them. And when one decides to run away from home, it hurts us all.
Please pray that Shadow, my brother's little buddy, decides to come back home. He has been missing for 10 days now and my brother is absolutely heartbroken. He has visited shelters, every neighbor around the neighborhood, handed our flyers, offered rewards... he is at a loss.
I am honestly surprise no one has seen a 30 lb black cat running around the neighborhood. I think someone has taken him in and won't give him up. I hope he comes back.


See.. no one can doubt we spoil our 4 legged babies too.

OH, and the boys totally dug my strawberry cream cheese on wheat Ritz crackers...

I plan to address the new night light and sleepign with G in the next couple of days.

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