Sunday, November 30, 2008

Oh my knees

I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving long weekend.

We spent it putting in about 270 sq.ft. of ceramic tile and 520 sq.ft. of hardwood flooring. Jealous? Don't be. So while J and I pulled up linoleum, scraped adhesive, tiled, grouted, pulled up old hardwood and carpet, scraped more adhesive, popped carpet crap off the floor, laid the hardwood, cut, cut, and more cuts, and then put down new toe-molding, Nana and granddaddy helped out by keeping the boys and Ka-ka and Pops called continuously on stand-by offering to help... all of which was greatly appreciated.

We totally underestimated Murphy's Law.
We totally underestimated our trust in MLGW to keep our electricity going. (for some reason, our neighborhood decided to have a couple of outages for hours at a time.
We totally underestimated our ages and how they would play out...

I totally underestimated how bad of shape my knees are really in.

Back story:
6th grade - first knee surgery on right knee. Bone spurs and cartilage removal. Up and going in a few months and not may problems from then on.

16th birthday...
I got my license and from the drivers license place, dropped off my dad, picked up my best friend and went straight to our basketball game... got put in, and 8 seconds into my playing time, went for a lay up and SNAP. Left knee. Completely torn ACL, PCL, MCL, and partially torn cartilage. Surgery, missed softball season, finally driving again (I had a 5 speed) after 2 months, and catching in softball again after 5 months of physical therapy.

17 years old - Left knee surgery #2. Softball size piece of scar tissue built up inside knee and rest of cartilage removed. Up and going again within a month. This was caused by one lone softball game... in east Tennessee... my parents basically carried me off the field. I had never been in this much pain.

Since, I have not had many problems. I quit all the ball playing when I was 19 and my activity level has dropped quite a bit since.

Then this weekend came.
And I had to stay on my knees for 4 days basically. 18 hours straight on Saturday actually. (6am to midnight).

Have you ever been in so much pain, that you shiver.. like you are cold, but not cold, just in pain?



Emmilu said...

When you feel like standing, i'd love to see some pics of the new floors! Hope you didnt' do any permanant damage to your knees.

Carrie said...

hey girl how are you! I understand the knee thing my knees are so bad!

Mrs. CPA said...

I had a boss who had to work in the family business of tile laying during the summers. He said it was the worst job ever. That's why he got a cooshy desk job!

Thank you for the link in your blogroll! If blogrolling actually worked I'd be happy to reciprocate. I'll so when it comes back up! Have a great night!