Monday, November 10, 2008

Guest Bloggers... Please Welcome Sasha and Phoenix


Please explain something to me.
I protect my brothers and I have from the minute they came home, and love my brothers... but why O why do they hit me with the broom, throw their sippy cups and other toys at me, and chase me until I have to hide underneath the desk, kitchen table, or in the other room?
I have no one except my momma... we are the only two girls in the house. The cats won't even come out anymore to let me chase them.... my 1 thrill in life is gone because the boys have scared them to the safety of the upstairs.
I still show them how much I love them. I give them kisses, but they turn around and pull on my jaws. I lay with them, but then they jump on me like I am a horse.

This is my plea... HELP.



These boys need to understand... could you please recite this for them...
don't get near my food, don't hit and slap on me, and don't crawl under my legs... you hit my dingy everytime, which, by the way, is not an utter... please quit trying to treat it like one.
I haven't bit you yet, and eventhough I am not real affectionate, I let you hug and kiss on me... even with a mouth covered in yogurt.
And so you know, that growling thing, that is followed by showing of teeth when you don't stop with the growling,.. it is a warning fellas. Heed that warning. Mom get mad at me when I get to this point, so please don't get me in trouble anymore. I don't bother you and if you be nice, I will be more affectionate. I promise.
If you two want to play.. throw a ball FOR me.. not at me... this will make you my best friends ever.


Jessica said...

Poor puppies. Katie can relate. Maybe we need to start a doggies of toddlers support group.

Christie said...

Can cats come to that support group as well? Julie thinks that their tails are handles, and that when they try to run away it's all a big game. : )