Thursday, November 6, 2008

I am starting to see things repeat themselves

Last year, about this time, it started with G... taking his pants and diaper off...

About a month ago, D started, whenever he pooped, immediately diggin' in his britches and pulling out poop to tell me he had... imagine my dismay this morning when I woke to hearing in the monitor, "Mamaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa POOP". I go in and he has, apparently in the middle of the night, pooped, then played with it, picked his nose, wiped his eyes, and went back to sleep. Dry poop was everywhere.
The smell stays eventhough it is dry, by the way.

Now for the past hour, I have had to put D's diaper and pants back on after scolding "NONO take your diaper off Dylan Emery!!" 7 times.. 7 people...

My granny is determined that he needs to be potty trained...
I don't think so... ain't gonna happen.
Let me rest and glow in the fact that G is not yet 3 and has only had one accident in over 18 days... and it was at night, after a long day.

But D still insist on checking things out... sitting on the potty and "peein'" without really doing anything... then cheering for himself.
I will let him explore for a while... he will prolly potty train before G did, because he has been 100% cloth diapered and he sees his brother.. who he sooooooo admires.

But we will see.
I am not ready for all that naked time again like we dealt with this summer.
Oh well.

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Emmilu said...

We started with Liam at about 18 months. Of course, he is just now finishing the process... but since some kids resist, i was glad we started early. By the time he realized he could argue about things, potty was already part of our routine. You never know, he might just pick up on it!