Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Joye gave me an F. Dangerous letter to give me right now.
She did this fun meme on 10 favorite things but the twist was that they all had start with a specific letter. She herself had an N.
Here are mine.

1) Floors - as in the new ones I have now. We haven't 100% finished the toe molding as you can see from the pics, but I love them. Excuse the toys.

2) Finger foods - I am a big finger food eater... like sausage balls and stuff... if I can graze on them, I like 'em.

3) Friends - my friends.. my closest and my just cordial. I love them.

4) Family - all of them, well, I could take or leave some extended family... kidding, I kid.

5) Funny faces - some of my favorite pics of my boys are funny faces that are made by them and that are caught... of course, the funny faces of the adults in those pics are good too.

6) Feliz Navidad - Like how I got past that?? No one said we could not use Spanish translations. But Christmas is my favorite holiday.

7) Fruit leather - this is my favorite snack of all time.. I love it.

8) Four - this is my favorite number. I was #4 in soccer and softball, I have delivered 4 beautiful babies, and I have 4 furbabies in this house.

9) Factory Outlet Malls - I love them. 3 I go to often are right down the street from me, Lebanon, and Tunica. Yes, I love to go sit at a Caribbean stud table just as much as possible, but actually coming from Tunica with something for my money makes me feel all fuzzy.

10) Fridays - my favorite day... I use it as me and the boys "lazy day" where we just watch movies, hang out and wait for daddy to come home from work.
Can't wait until Friday comes.


Joye said...

FUN! That pic of your friends is funny. hehehe

Emmilu said...

The floors look great!