Friday, November 7, 2008

I am the squasher of all things good

One of the best things here lately has been morning cuddles.
No, this is not an X-rated post
and I am not talking about J and I

When G gets up for good in the morning and is ready to wake us up, he comes in, climbs in our bed and lays underneath the covers and watches some cartoons while he gently wakes mommy and daddy with big morning hugs and kisses.
It is the closest thing to heaven. Especially since G, one of the loves of my life, 90% of the time chooses daddy adamently over me. But one of J's favorite things in life is cuddle time. Believe me ladies.. you can get too much. But back to G.

These mornings he has....
Not yet has he bit his brother
not yet has he sat on his brother
not yet has he scared the poop out of the dogs
not yet has he refused to wear the same underwear for more than 5 minutes
not yet has he pushed me to the verge of literally blowing my top

I look forward to it every morning.
On Monday, around 6:30 am he waltzes in there after sleeping through the night accident free and is very rested and ready to cuddle with Dada AND ME!

Tuesday, around 6:00 am he leisurely strolls in there and cuddles with Dada. I hear, "Mama.. moosh (move in G talk)"

Wednesday, 5:30 am is getting early, but I will take it... after cuddling with Dada so much that he can't get that other hour he needs for the rest of the day, I am up and taking G kicking and screaming into the living room... He truly is tired of my face at this point. This is where he subsequently wakes D up... and D is a bear when he is woke.

Thursday, 5:00 am and we debate fighting him for other 1hour to turn around and let him up at 6:30 am. I am up again, because that is too early for Dada... at least G is getting better today... not waking D until 6:00 am. Still hates me.

Friday, up at 3:30 am.. ready to cuddle.. back to bed... screams and cries and runs out of his room until 4:45 am. Then he thankfully sleeps until 6:30 am... he is all smiles...!

This routine has been going on for weeks... we have to throw in the occasional (like 2 times a week) getting him back in bed after an 1am potty break...
It has got to stop.

I broke the news to J this morning.
No more cuddling in bed in the morning. At least until G can get the idea of sleeping until morning and going back to sleep after potty breaks. I hate this because I at least got one morning out of 7 that he loved me.. hugged me and wanted me around. But, what is best for G is what is best.
When G is up... one of us is up and he gets no cuddle time IN THE BED.
Cycle has to stop.


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Jessica said...

Aw :(! I hope you can nip it soon. Sleep stuff is HARD!