Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Those special moments in time

I am not talking election.
I am just pulling for him. I could not vote for him in this election, but he is a friend of the family and we love him.
Other than that, you get nothing.
now onto the real post.

You know, when you have children and you watch them grow... there are those special moments you eagerly await to come... first word, first steps, first time you hear "I love you".
Then there are those first moments, when you know when it happens, it is 100% your fault and the damage is done...

Like the first time your child utters out a cuss word.
And you know it flew out of his mouth because it just flew out of yours.

*I can totally see Ka-Ka with her 'yuck' face on shaking her head in disappointment right now*

Phoenix was barking uncontrollably and trying to break down the window (like he does) at an elderly neighbor walking with his oxygen on his hip.
G was up and D was still silently and angelically sleeping.

G: ja.. ja.. jak... jakaaaaass

yep... that one is one me people.. my fault.

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