Friday, November 21, 2008

We had to sit and talk

G.. you know, when we call you 'skinny minny' we are not trying to be mean, right?

And you are more handsome than anyone in the whole world... you know that right?

And when dad talks about 'bulking' you up, it has nothing to do with how absolutely beautiful you are, right?

Then is it ingrained in boys or something that you felt the need to 'pack your pants'?

Seriously, 5 pairs is just overdoing it baby...


1955Modelandrunningstrong said...

Are they born with the need to be the largest in the playground. My My.

Emmilu said...

He just couldn't decide which pair he wanted to wear, Mommy! That's all! Most days, I wish that I was 2-years-old too!

Joye said...

Random letter generator says F! Love those undies. My sis did that if she was about to get a swat. hehehe