Tuesday, November 18, 2008

That makes it all so much better

With D and G both going through this "OMGAREYOUKIDDINGMERIGHTNOW, HAVEYOULOSTYOURMIND" stages at the same time...

Things can get somewhat.. frazzled with me.

There are days I know J just dreads to come home.. not knowing what the day has brought me and subsequently brought him at the end of his "JOB" (I so channeled Bill Engvall there... "you know what happened at THIS house today while you were at your so called "JOB")... hehe

But I digress.

I see it in J's face sometimes when things I consider, little, happened and he goes all daddy Kung Fu on whatever it is. Like last night, I know the dogs are hovering around the table during supper.. I mean, they are use to the boys feeding them various things they don't want.
The only thing my picky eater G wanted last night for dinner was his bread... and he insisted on going to the living room with J (since he was done eating) and all he wanted to take was his bread... he got down off the chair, clutching his bread, and wham
there was a dog in his face
bread in dogs face
dog assumed he was being fed bread
dog ate bread
G threw a tantrum
J screamed
dog went outside yet satisfied with a bite of bread
J continues to mumble
"taking a babies bread.. that is just wrong"

I laughed my butt off.
J didn't appreciate it.

But to me, it was a little thing.

During the day, most of it is revolved around putting kids in the corner, listening to fits, fights, and then NOT sleeping in the monitor. By the end of the day, my nerves are shot, my attitude is not too perky, and just a run to Walgreens is like a dream vacation.

Today started like one in the same.
On one of the many rounds of corner time, I get the boys out of the corner and they have to listen to why they were put there and tell me they won't do it again and give me a hug and a kiss while I tell them how much I love them.

One instance today got me.
I was getting G out of the corner
"Do you know why you got in trouble?"
"Because you got up on the cabinet, didn't you. That is a nono! If you get on the cabinet again, you will go back to the corner. Do you understand?"
before I get "I love you baby with all my heart" out of my mouth, he starts to hug me and whispers in my ear..
"Loe you mommy"

It has made for the best day.


sterlingirl said...

When Ryan gets her baby dolls out of time out (who knows what they do to get a time out), she gives them a hug and kiss. I guess they really do 'get it'.

Emmilu said...

How sweet :)