Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Calling all Plumbers: The Second Coming

I don't have it dictated in this blog, but earlier this year, we had to have a plumber come out to get our toliet unstopped.
THAT time it turned out that the little pee pee cup that is on the front of a potty chair for little boys, had been removed and flushed. The plumber had to take off the toliet to be able to remove it... not bad, it only cost us $138.00.

Fast forward to yesterday.
G has been pretty adament about not letting ME in the bathroom when he goes. It is not a big deal... he does a good job and very very rarely he forgets to "tuck" and soaks the bathroom. But, he will let D in there. I guess it is because I am girl or something.
Well, after a certain bathroom break, I just knew they were now playing because they had been in there an awful long time. I go in there and G is just flushing flushing away and nothing is going away and he is getting ticked. I see D standing in the corner and just knew in my heart that D had put something in the toliet when G was peeing and now.. it is stuck.
I plunged a few times, nothing
I stuck a wire hanger down there and could not really feel anything.
I feared the worse: A ball, the perfect size, is stuck and they are going to have to sell me new pipes or a new toliet.

I called the plumber. He said coming out to unstick a toy out of a toliet is a pretty common occurance.
"have you tried a toliet lock"
"yep, we had one on the last time we called you.. it obviously didn't help and plus, my oldest needs complete access to the toliet"
"Is he autistic?"
"no, why"
"Parents of autistic children are my biggest customers. The autistic children are bad about wanting to see their toy go round and round. Once they discover it, it is hard to stop them."
"I have a feeling my youngest did it behind my oldest bad... He is just hard headed."

This time they had to take the toliet off again... and found it... the culprit, the object to show fault... when they called me to come see, I grabbed D because I knew it was going to have to be a lesson right then...

We go and see. My reaction:


Apparently he had flushed his underwear.

100% in front of the plumbers.
"Gavin.. Did you flush your underwear."
"THAT is a no-no. You know better than that."
"Wet. wearwear wet."
"What do you do with your underwear if you don't want to wear then anymore??"
*He came and grabbed them and put them in the dirty clothes hamper
"Don't you ever flush anything down the potty except for toliet paper!!! Do you understand me."
"Look what you have made these men do by flushing your underwear. We don't want to ever do that again.. right?"
"yea ma'am"

He was 100% embrassed and humiliated and I hope it does the job.
Another $138.00

I went and gave D some big and loving hugs and kisses because he was secretly the one being blamed... apparently just an innocent bystander.
I do feel bad for that.


Anonymous said...

Thats freaking funny!!!!Kyson is a big fan of putting biscuits in the toilet because when they get wet they swell up.....but no underwear yet

Emmilu said...

That's funny. We are still using our little potty for this exact reason. I guess we're going to have to transition soon.

Jessica said...

Oh how funny! I hope G really does "stand". And flushing biscuits??? Who thinks of that??