Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I cut their hair and lets play a game.

With G, we did the whole at 1 year, mohawk it til his 2nd b-day and then we were going to let it grow until his 3rd and lets see how long it gets...
So with D, we mohawked him at 1 year and have just been let it all go...

Until this weekend. I broke down and cut it.
J woke up and didn't see G's curls anymore...

I think he will miss them... J that is.
I only cut the mohawk off of D, but it looks like he has a buzz cut.
With G, I only cut off the back... he has like a reverse mullet... party in the front, business in the back...
looks like a little skater baby..
so cute..

now can we find G?

yea... I am surprised I am not gray yet.


Jessica said...

Cute haircuts! Is that a child in the closet??? on the top shelf?? I would buy some hair color now!

Emmilu said...

Again, precious!!