Monday, October 6, 2008

T is for TIRED

We are exhausted... but a good exhausted.
We had a good time at the wedding this weekend. It was gorgeous. It had a fall theme and was beautiful. CONGRATS AMY AND CLINT.
When I get pics I will post.

We got to see Mammy and got some more toys and clothes. How great, and couldn't be at a better time since G can clearly not fit into 18 month pants anymore. They are just too short... but his waist is like a 12 month... so we went to buy some more cinch waisted jeans for our skinny minny.

We did some shopping and spent some great time with Uncle Berek and KaKa and Pops. The boys always come home worn out!

2 times, G accidentially took a nap in his big boy underwear and both times, we were so worried about the amount of washing we were going to have to do after those naps. The funniest one was during the wedding and reception.. G was sound asleep, in underwear on daddy's chest. Dada decided to put a diaper between G and him for a "just in case" measure. No need, G didn't mess at all. Then again on Sunday... for like a 3 hour nap. So proud...

Last night on our way home we made one stop to pee pee and G did great. About an hour later, we hear from the back of the car... (in a half asleep stupor)

Honey, wait baby, we will stop as soon as we can. Just hold it.. you are doing good... just hold it... *he proceeded to look at me like I was crazy*

1 mile later: Just hold it baby.. you are doing great. We will stop as soon as we can... don't fall asleep baby.

another 1/2 mile later: We are almost there baby.. wake up G.. J, I think he has peed, he is relaxed enough to be sound alseep.. We are almost there baby... just hold it.. G, wake up G, wake up baby..

another 1/2 mile later: We are here baby, G wake up....


We put on a diaper for "night night" in the car and he was NOT HAPPY ABOUT THAT!!!!

I am so proud. *sniff*


Anonymous said...

Why is it they make waists so dang big! Ryan is the same way. She needs 12 months in waist, but anywhere from 18-24 month in length. They fall off!

Emmilu said...

We were always the other way around. He outgrew the waist before they were even long enough... and he is TALL. I blamed it on the cloth diapers :)