Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Flu shots

Well, today is flu shot day for the boys. When it comes to flu shots for the old people in this house, the opinions and reactions vary. J can get a flu shot and be just fine. He gets one every year and I don't think he would go a single year without one. I, on the other hand, got the first I can remember back in 2003. I prepped before by taking Tylenol and everything they tell you to do. I was sick as a dog within 24 hours. Of course, when you are preggo, they "really suggest/make you" get a flu shot. I did with D and G and was sick until they were born and could actually take something strong to rid myself of the illness. I hate flu shots and will NOT get one unless I am pregnant. Period.

Now, how will my little men handle it? Hopefully it won't bother them, like their dad. Last year, they just slept for a day and I fed them Tylenol to try to ensure them not getting too sick.

They might have to go get a free McDonald's ice cream after this visit.. shhhh don't tell dada..

How do you handle flu shots? Do you get them?


Christie said...

I absolutely get the flu shot each year, and make Ben get it as well. And of course Julie. Working for six and a half years in a flu research lab will do that to a person. : ) Tylenol's about all you can do to reduce pain for the little one's as far as I know. Julie tends to be sleepy after all of her shots so I just give her extra cuddles and let her rest.

Emmilu said...

I usually get the flu shot, but mostly b/c of Liam. I don't want to get one... it freaks me out. And it freaks me out to give it to the boy, but I do it anyway. I am one of those parents who has "issues" with vaccines, but overall I think the benefits outweigh the risks. I guess I will be forced to get one this year.

Karen said...

I don't get the flu shots. I've had them in the past and got extremely sick afterwards. After the third time, which was about 6 years ago, my Dr decided that I wasn't a good candidate for them.

They did a number on my immune system and I ended up picking up any bug that was doing the rounds and getting as sick as a dog.

Funny thing, since stopping the shots, my immune system is back to normal and despite volunteering at a local school, I have only been sick once in the last 6 years. I was also better within a week.