Thursday, October 23, 2008

I ain't feeling that great today

thinking I might be coming down with a cold.
thinking I should have gotten out last night and gotten Zicam like J told me to.
thinking I ought to be at the store right now getting medi like I know I need to.
Instead, I will post this.

10 reasons I love being a mom. (Only 10. hum...)
(I stole this from Tracy)

1)The amazing first minutes

2)Cries so cute you can't help but laugh

3)First baby smiles

4)Watching the discovery of tub farts

5)Being the one that brings them comfort when they feel their worst

6)Watching them accomplish a feat.... and laughing

7)First Birthdays

8)Dressing them in what *I* want them to wear!

9)Allowing my heart to grow and grow

and last but not least

10)Knowing that the 2 I love the most, probably love each other the most

1 comment:

parkersmom (Tracie) said...

Those are sweet.

So sweet that I tagged you in my blog! :)