Thursday, October 16, 2008

4 freakin' 30

That is when J and I got woke up.
We are not sure when G actually woke.

G came into the bedroom at 4:30 hoping J would open the fruit leather he loves so much. He was sadly mistaken.
"G! Get in bed. It is still night night time. You go right back to bed after you go pee pee!"

I get up to pee after hearing all of this.
J is staying in a dreary state and just uttered "come'ere"

As J and I gradually walk, I am sure he is going to show me that G has took a poop the size of Texas in the dog food bowl or something.

I was wrong.

What did I see...
a chair pulled up the kitchen counter
2 steak knives laying on the counter with 2 innocent straws in its wrath
2 empty water bottles on the floor
water on the floor
a sippy cup full of water
pants and underwear water soaked
remnants of a yogurt cup in the sink
the top to said yogurt cup in the sink
a dirty, yogurt stained spoon in the sink
6 dum dum wrappers in the sink
6 clearly eaten dum dum sticks in the sink
a coffee pot full of chocolate creamer, white cream and extra grounds
a coffee filter full of grounds and white creamer
2 used pool water test sticks
a half empty bottle of children's Tylenol
birth control pill case in pieces (all pills accounted for)

then I walked into the bathroom
Bag balm (we put it on D's dry skin) open and partially used
2 q-tips.. apparently used
toilet paper in the trash
lotion in the trash

we went to bed and J is wired because he is literally freaked out... in my 4:30am state of mind, I am laughing and can't quit smiling because "OMG, I can't believe he picked up his yogurt after himself."

"J, I can't sleep now..."
"If you are staying up, I am going back to sleep."

J is now debating a 24 hour kitchen watch and motion detector alarms around the house.

I am just impressed that he cleaned up his yogurt AND that he didn't wake up D to join in the fun.


Elena said...

Oh dear! I'm very impressed he cleaned up the yogurt and the suckers. That would have been all over the place at my house. I sure hope he didn't eat too many tylenol! YIKES! We call our son G too. It's his middle name. Yep, just the letter.

Anonymous said...

Oh, holy hell. That is FUNNY! He did all this in the dark?

Jessica said...

Oh WOW! That's impressive! No advice....just WOW!

Emmilu said...

Good Lord!! He was having a party!! I wonder how long he was up?? That is why we still have 4 baby gates placed strategically through the house...Extra tall ones with walk through doors.