Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Randoms.. again.. I love random posts

Ok... so when did G get all grown and stuff. Like a teenager with a not so respectful mouth?
"G do this.. do that"
Excuse me? It is no ma'am, and yes ma'am, and no sir and yes sir thankyouverymuch!

But I have found that this little bit has given me a slight advantage to his lying.
"G, did you go upstairs last night?"
that my friends is the truth

"G, did you take D's berries?"
no ma'am
that my friends is a big fat lie!

I have found shoes that I have to have (have you heard that before?).. obviously I am making out my Christmas and birthday list out on this blog.
I have to have these!
Specifically the Sprints in the slate-lichen color... size 39 for those who want to know.

See.. cute... and I could so wear them EVERYWHERE!!!

Me and the people on the Biggest Loser are going to have a face to face because I am right now HATIN' ON 3 people... Heba, Brady and Vicky... I have it in for you. That is all I will say so I don't make this post vulgar.

Go to
She is a friend from softball my whole life. Her little girl, Hannah Grace Wyatt, was born in May with Spina Bifida. They are great people and I know that little girl is in one of the best families she could be in.

Oh you want a pic of the boys? oh.. ok.


Jessica said...

Well, at least his disrespectfulness has a useful purpose!

Those shoes are hysterical...think they come in a men's size 15? They would look great on the hubby!

Amanda and Michelle said...

totally agree with you about biggest loser. I was so irritated. and the boys, of course, are adorable. We are getting excited about our christmas visit, so we'll keep you posted!