Thursday, October 9, 2008

The Biggest Loser recap and pee and stuff

So, The Biggest Loser was extended into last night because of the debate/battle royal that ensued on Wednesday.
I won't go into the debate, but with The Biggest Loser.. I FINALLY SAW SOMEONE GO HOME I REALLY WANTED TO GO HOME.

Now for the peeing and stuff. We have been putting G down for a nap without a diaper and although it has cut his naps a tad short, he has been staying dry. WHOOHOO.
He started something new last night.
7:30 - night night
1:00am-ish - whiney, playing with toys,.. we go in there... he has taken his clothes and diaper off and it is a tad damp... new diaper and new clothes at your service...
It took him a bit to get the hang of "IT IS STILL NIGHT NIGHT".. but alas, he went down.
2:30am ish - whiney and out of a diaper again... change and go back night night.. diaper feels like it had a dribble on it.
4:30am - whiney and AGAIN out of a diaper.. rinse and repeat.
7:00am - up and naked to start the morning...

Never since he emerged from the womb have I ever been through 4 diapers with G during the night. Even days old, he slept more than he did last night... and went through less diapers.

Now I wonder, since he has been fighting putting a diaper on at night, is him "feeling the urge to pee" during the night waking him? Should I pull a John and Kate Plus 8 and put his potty in the rooms during night night? Was this a fluke thing or a new improve G model that I might have to learn to deal with now?

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Karen said...

It may very well be the urge to pee that is waking him up, especially if he is pretty much dry during the day.

All my kids did the waking up at night thing when they were at that stage of the potty training saga.

Don't know about the potty in the bedroom though. I did that with one of my boys. He would get up in the middle of the night and stumble over to the corner where the potty was. Unfortunately, when we decided that he'd got the hang of the whole thing and removed the potty back to the bathroom, he didn't quite realise, in his sleepy state, that the potty was not there amy longer and peed on the floor!!!

I wasn't game to try the potty in the bedroom thing, again, with any of his siblings :-)