Tuesday, October 21, 2008


After a week of getting up with G in the middle of the night to let him pee pee in the potty, we were on the verge of celebrating because "OMG HE IS GETTING THE HANG OF GOING BACK TO BED WHEN HE GOES POTTY"...

And we were proud that he went to bed last night after pottying a couple of times and didn't get up for good until 5:30 this morning when he came into our room with a sippy cup of water he had made himself. He gradually got up in bed to play like he does, handed his cup to his dad and out of the blue, he fell back asleep around 6:00.


"Do we need to put him back in his bed"
'Well, it is 6:00 and you are going to say bye when you leave for work, so he won't be sleeping long'
"What do we do"
'Let me get D up and settled and I will see what damage there is in the kitchen and we will wake him to tell you bye'

I know G hasn't been feeling well, so we just assumed it was because of this that he fell back asleep.

Not much going on in the kitchen.. water spilled from the faucet.. but overall nothing.

Then I see the marks on his arms... in purple.
'Dang it.. he must have gotten a hold of the dry erase marker in that drawer in the kitchen'

As the morning wore on, I noticed something out of the ordinary...
Me talking to myself, I said
"Well, this is strange.. I could have sworn this was upstairs with the baby stuff I am sorting to sell. It is a formula seperator and we really don't have a need for it now"
"Did they play last night upstairs while I was at mom's? J didn't say they did.. hum"

"I better take this back up there."


Toys on the stairs
Things I was putting away for safe keeping scattered.
purple permanent marker with top off...
packing tape playing with

Thankfully, he didn't go on a rampage drawing with that marker except for on himself.
Thank goodness.

I demand a refund on the baby gate we put at the bottom of our stairs... apparently it is too easy to figure out.

I wonder how long he played last night.

Then I see those faces...
And it all becomes funny. And I pray that the girls are taking turns throughout the day being the boys guardian angels.


Emmilu said...

That boy is somethin' else!!

Casey and Amy Bough said...

Look at those little smiles. HOw could you get mad at that?