Monday, October 13, 2008

My swap package arrived

So she was having a swap thing and I got in on it. We were to put together some of our favorite things and send it to someone she assigned to us. I sent mine here... and this awesome chickie sent this to me.
Everything here reminds her of New Zealand.

Can I just say.. yum.
I have to admit though, I shared a little. J has a co-worker that is from New Zealand and I thought I would kinda cure some homesickness and send her a pack of those Arnott's. Not both, I was trying to be nice.. not crazy.
I am going to have to try the way she fixes her baked beans in tomato sauce. She sent a very nice letter explaining her favorite things... I unfortunately didn't with my package... because I suck.

Thank you Karen. I have really LOVED your favorite things.


Karen said...

Glad you enjoyed them... I was a little nervous :-)

BTW ... tell J to tell his Kiwi co-worker, that if she has a Cost Plus World Market near her, that they stock stuff like Arnotts, Hienz, Vegemite, etc. I also find Sam's Club, Costco, Whole Foods and Trader Joe's are all places that I have found NZ/Australian/British foods ...

Sam's Club and Costco usually have NZ and Australian lamb.

Elena said...

Casey- So glad to know who my swap partner is/was! I've been wondering and wondering. No, the package has not come yet. I am so hoping it didn't get lost in the mail. That makes me so sad. Looks like you got fun things to eat; I LOVE to try food from other places. And anything with Cadbury on it has to be good! :) I am keeping my fingers crossed that my package will come soon. Thank you for checking and letting me know who you are. I've been wondering if I should ask Kat or not. I promise to post about it when it comes. Now, I'm off to read your blog and learn more about you.