Tuesday, August 5, 2008

I will probably jinx it, BUT

Most everyone knows G eating habits... he has none.. he eats fruit and yogurt... that is it. For months now, there have been times when he will have a plate of food in front of him for dinner and say "Dune".. and take his plate to the sink... not a drop of food... he has been living on the handful of Cheerios, handful of fruit and a yogurt popsicle or 2oz of yogurt for months now.

J has a hard time with this... sometimes I think J's life is scheduled around meals.. if he doesn't eat, he gets headaches and it is like his body starts to go into shock.
I on the otherhand, eat mostly when hungry... and if I ain't hungry all day, I won't eat all day... for me, food is fuel, and my body will tell me when to add it. Of course there are those times when I will eat because "everyone else is"... because who wants to be asked 100 million times "why are you not eating"... So back to G...

We have had the mindset with G, "He won't starve himself.. he will eat when he gets hungry"... I think J actually barters with G for dinner when I am not here, but I don't.. you eat what is in front of you, or you don't eat. You don't have to eat it all, or any if you don't want... And I am sure not going to beg you to eat... don't want to start allowing him to use it as a tool against me years to come...

But but but.. last night, he sat and ate almost all of his food. Me and my parents were blown away... but didn't make a big deal of it. Tonight, ate a whole bowl of food and came and asked for seconds... he didn't eat all, but most of that.

Please please please tell me we are getting past the finicky stage of eating.. please... J could use the stress off his heart that his oldest son is going to waste away to nothing.

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