Thursday, August 7, 2008

this is why

we don't eat momma's world famous (ok, so not WORLD FAMOUS, but they are to the boys..) blueberry smoothie popsicles in the house. and what do we do when we are excited that dada is back in town??

A few more things are going on in our lives... my bro quit his job... doesn't have one lined up. He seems ok with it... and my mom is about 99% sure she will have to have surgery.. that is what the technicians told her, but she won't see the doc until Monday. Depending on what the bloodwork says. Apparently she has extreme carpal tunnel with muscle athropy(shrinkage) in like 1 or 2 fingers. She will find out more next week.
We are heading to Nashvegas for a wedding this weekend. J's cousin is gettin' hitched. It will be fun... I am a little scared though about how the boys are going to act.. I have a feeling it will be like church, we will spend a majority of the time in the hall outside with our loud mouth babies.

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