Friday, August 22, 2008

Going Cheap Friday

Sorry I missed last Friday... :( I am a bad bad blogger.
I hope you all are reading the comments... there are some great ideas in there too!

Ok.. lets talk lunchmeat.
We use on average about 4oz of lunchmeat of any sort a day. I am going to zero in on ham. But what I am going to talk about can work for Turkey, bologna or whatever.

Carl Budding brand - $0.79 for 2oz package = $0.40 an ounce (rounded up)
Schnucks brand think sliced (common sale) - 3, 9oz packs for $7.95, so = $0.29 an ounce.
Schnucks/Oscar Mayer (sale this week) - $3.29 for 16oz pack = $0.21 an ounce.
Kroger brand (common sale) - $2.19 for 10oz pack = $0.22 an ounce

find that large chuncks of ham and have the deli slice it.. they do it for free...
Schnucks/Maple River = 6.52 lbs for 12.97 = $0.12 an ounce. (approx. 1.99 a lb).

there are often times I see stuff on sale for $1.69 a lb, so keep your eyes out.
Lunchmeat can freeze.. just thaw it out with a couple of paper towels and a ziploc bag or tuperware.
So our family would eat a total of 1460 ounces a year.. Carl Budding versus purchasing the large ham and having it sliced is a difference of $408.80.

Running total: $160.20 for milk, $219.00 for yogurt, $121.68 for bread, $738.40 for diapers, 408.80 for lunchmeat = $1648.08

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