Thursday, August 7, 2008

2nd post of the day, but this one deserves its own

Imagine being 26 years old, having already fought breast cancer at 20 years old and beating it after a double mastectomy, chemo and reconstructive surgery. The at 25 getting the awful news that the cancer had returned and metastasized to your lungs, liver and bones. And after a year of recieving that news, you are diagnosed stage IV and the doctors say you had almost another year to live.
26 years old people.. your entire 20's you have been battling cancer.

My friend Shelley has a very close friend, Amy Piazza.

She is the little sister of a girl Shelley and I played softball with in college. Amy is 26 years old and is busy fighting cancer. Shelley is joining in to help fight breast cancer.
And help out.

Amy, you don't know me, but fight sweetie! We are rooting for you. I know you are fighting hard, and we are going to pray that you overcome this awful disease yet again.


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