Saturday, August 2, 2008

Boys have a ding-a-ling, girls.. well, don't...

While I was changing G's diaper today, he grabbed himself and started jabbering..

G: me, ding ling?
me: yep, that is your ding-a-ling
G: D, ding ling?
me: yep, D has a ding-a-ling
G: Dada, ding ling?
me: yep, Dada has a ding-a-ling
G: Mama, ding ling?
me: Nope.. Mama doesn't have a ding-a-ling.. she is a girl, and girls don't have ding-a-lings.
G: Nana, ding ling?
me: Nope, nana doesn't have a ding-a-ling, she's a girl, and girls don't have ding-a-lings.
G: andaddy, ding-a-ling?
me: Yep, Granddaddy has a ding-a-ling... and this conversation has officially gone too far.
G: NASSY, shooo, poopy.. D poop, me poop, ding ling
me: yep, you got poop on your ding-a-ling.. and we are just getting grosser.
G: shoo, snink.
me: yeah, it stinks.
G: me, ding ling... owy... bunns
me: Baby, I know your ding-a-ling burns.. I will fix it.. but I am telling you now, if you come to me when you are teenager and tell me that.. I might not have the same reaction.

*I have officially figured it out.. to get out of a conversation that is totally gross and I don't want to be in, say something that he doesn't understand.. hehehehe.
See.. Even Phoenix found the conversation too much.