Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Hello all.. Sorry about a day without post yesterday... we were recooping from the weekend which was great. The boys had a blast. I was exhausted yesterday nursing a headache.
The wedding is beautiful and as soon as I see some pics, I will be sure to include a couple. The bride and groom looked great. The boys had a blast and looked so handsome in their ties. G found some balloons that he carried around with him EVERYWHERE... he was going to take a carriage ride until he couldn't take his balloons... priorities you know. D slow danced with me and when a rockin' song came on, he thought about dancing,.. but too many girls were looking at him, so he got embrassed.

THIS is the boys favorite part of morning Disney shows. They both stop, listen and dance. So funny.

My little bitty baby boy, D, is going to have his 18 month check today. :( I can't believe his next appointment sets him for only going once a year... this is a good thing for D, because he is growing up, but sucks for me... I am losing my babies... they are turning into little boys.:(

Keep looking, I am hoping to put up D's 18month pics up sometime this week. Hopefully will get them taken today.

Hugs to all.

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