Monday, December 15, 2008

What a weekend

We left out Thursday for Nashvegas.. it was cold her in Memphis, but nothing too extreme.. we started getting calls from parents warning us about the weather we were about to drive into. We were never too worried... Me and J always have the mindset "if it gets too hard to drive due to weather, tiredness.. whatever, we will just get a hotel and continue our trip in the morning".

We didn't hit anything until we got around the airport in Nashville... and it gradually got worse as we hit our destination. Nothing was too bad at all. Interstate was clear completely and it wasn't until we got off that we ran into any 'slick' streets.

The next morning, it was beautiful.

and as we headed to Cookeville in the morning, it wasn't bad but it was gorgeous.

Especially on the family farm.
Enjoy.. I did.


1955Modelandrunningstrong said...

WOW, what breath-taking pics. I love snow, watching it fall when it is coming down in "big fat flakes". My Mom loved to make snow cream, I didn't care for it, but I still feel warm inside remembering her and her snow cream.

Emmilu said...