Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Lots of Things

First off, I hope everyone had a great Christmas! We did. Santa was wonderful to us all this year!
Oh, you want an update on how G reacted when he saw the train table Santa brought him??
He walked into the living room, opened his arms up as wide as can be and yelled out with a gasp "TRAIN!"

We won't go into how much that deceptiveness scares to bajeebees out of me.

Christmas was great and it was fun seeing the boys react to Santa's presents.

G has figured out clothes boxes already and tends to toss them with a 'clothes' sigh.
We will have to work on that.
But they had a great Christmas and was spoiled as usual.
So were J and I.

Also, my only baby girl in this house, had a birthday yesterday. Sasha was the first of her litter born Dec. 29th 6 years ago. 8 weeks later, she was J's Valentine's present for our first Valentines as a married couple. I hate to think that she is over middle aged for her breed, eventhough she still acts like a pup. I love her very much and can't wait to spend another 6 years with her.

We went and watched Marley and Me on Christmas Day.
I bawled like a big fat baby, and came home and hugged my pups... then cried some more.
Then I thanked God for giving us these pups to help teach the boys things a good dog can. Responsibility, empathy, gentleness, playfulness, boundaries... and so much more.
I recommend seeing it... I still liked the book better, but the movie was wonderful.


Emmilu said...

That boy is a piece of work! He acted like he had no clue! I can't believe he didnt take you upstairs and show it to you before Christmas! How funny!

Anonymous said...

First, how long is it before a trip to the ER with those skates :) Also, Marley and Me, holy moly, the whole theater cried like a baby. Great movie!!

Jessica said...

So do you have an agent for G yet? What a stinker!