Thursday, December 18, 2008

Been a couple of days

Crazy days.

Monday I had dinner with some girls I use to play softball with in HS. We had a blast. We always do. We need to do it more than once a year though.

Tuesday was just spent watch G be sick. He was so pewny. Early in the morning, like 2-3am, he woke and came to our bed and I felt him as I was putting him back in his bed and he was on fire. Ear thermometer came back 103.8. I stripped him, put a washrag on his forehead and gave him some Tylenol. Thankfully, it hasn't gotten that high again.

Wednesday, we went to MLGW to visit some old co-workers, then met dad for lunch, then went straight to the doctor... Infection, z-pac for G, and he has gained weight!!! Yea... finally up to 29 lbs at almost 33 months old! Pewny in more ways than one!
Then I had to go to driving school when J got home from work at 6 ... until 9. Oh, he let us go early, it was suppose to last until 10.
Also, last night, J said that G put himself to bed at 6:30. Must have been knocked out by the medicine.

Today we meet with another Early Intervention associate to assess G again.
9 months of dealing with them and they have yet to work with G at all. Got to love state funded associations.

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Emmilu said...

Sorry the little fella is sick, but glad to hear he's bulking up! He doesn't look that skinny in pictures. What's taking early intervention so long? You do know you can get speech therapy through the schools (if he qualifies) as soon as he turns 3, right?