Tuesday, March 30, 2010

34 weeks

At this point, the doc has told me he won't stop labor.
So we are expecting Corgan anywhere between 0 to 42 days(due date)....

That sure seems like a long range.
Since I have never hit 38 weeks, lets say between 0 to 28 days.... as an estimate.

I get the weekly "your baby is now this size and you should feel this..."... during the first 2 trimesters, it is fairly accurate for me... but right now, I doubt it.

What and *I* feeling?

Diarrhea... 5 weeks and going strong.
He is playing the bongos on my hip bones.
He is head banging on my pubic bone.
My sciatic nerve is taking a beating and my legs are tired of going numb.

I do think he will be bigger than the boys because of the way and amount I see him move...it is like I don't have any fluid in there sometimes the way I can tell what is what. I was never able to do that with G or D... totally weird.

Oh and you know how *they* say the 3rd is the most laid back because he has to be...
Well, if how they act in the womb is ANY indication of how they are outside it, this little man is wilder than D... and that is saying something...

And let's just be honest for 1 minute.... I don't think anyone can say "Casey" and "laid back" in the same sentence without smirking, so I doubt my ability to produce such a child... unless this child is 100% Ja, I have no chance. lol

I am ready for the boys to meet him and hold him. I am ready to hold and love on him. I am ready to see him... to see if he looks like G or D or a perfect mixture of both or a perfect mixture of neither.

What do we have to look forward to for the next couple of weeks until I get to the point where I will prolly drop this kiddo...

G dentist appointment
35 weeks-
Date night with a bestie
J in Palm Beach for 2 days
Doc appointment
G first soccer game
36 weeks

(as you can tell... I really don't need to go into labor during my 35-36 week stint.)

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