Tuesday, March 9, 2010

31 weeks today

Notice it doesn't seem I have a belly button anymore.

yep... too stretched out for it to pop out.

Went to the doc yesterday and everything looks great. Didn't gain any weight but that is explained by the stomach thing I have been dealing with for almost 2 weeks now. Now I have gained 12 lbs overall, so far, for the pregnancy, so that is good.

I expressed my concern and nightmares of having this child in my bed.

*backstory... if you don't know.. I labor fast. - how fast? Active labor that starts at 5cm.. well, with Dylan, active labor was only 30 minutes with him before I was pushing him out. 5cm to 10cm and crowning within 30 minutes.
They say it all goes faster with each subsequent pregnancy... thus my nightmares.

I told him how I was afraid to labor at home because of this... he said that he was going to talk to me about that anyways.... shoo.

So the plan is this.
Keep going back every two weeks until either 34 or 35 (based on how I was feeling at my 33 week appointment) then he was going to start checking my cervix then, instead of waiting until 36 because, lets be honest, I have early babies. He said once my cervix seemed very favorable (aka 3-4 cm and soft and well.. ready) then we would set a time to put me in and give me a little pitocin.

So there is where we are... I will know more in two weeks.. until then, I will be celebrating my big boy turn 4 and starting soccer.

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