Wednesday, March 3, 2010

oh good Lord...

I apologize... I have been awful about posting.
I am so sorry.

So what has been going on in the few weeks since D's birthday?

We took the 1 good weekend we have had and finally put up the boys yearly birthday present from Ka-Ka, Pops, Nana, Granddaddy, Mom and Dad.

Let's hope they don't destroy it too soon.

The boys got a haircut.
They got to pick what they wanted.
We waited about 10 minutes after G said he wanted a mohawk to make sure he was sincere... we explained to him what it was and I was informed by him that Tony Stark has this haircut under his Iron Man helmet... I doubt the validity of this, but hey.... he will think what he wants...

D took one look at G's hair and said he didn't want a haircut at all... so he just got trimmed.

And here is a belly pic... from 2 weeks ago at 28 weeks. In the two weeks, my belly button has gone from what you see to totally flat at times.. and about the size of a silver dollar... lol.

Those of you who are taller than 5'4" and have a long torso.. be thankful... and I am jealous.

So what else?
J has been sick since Friday... apparently Bronchitis.

D has been sick since Friday... but he hasn't showed any bad signs and got better really quick.

G has been sick since Friday... tested positive for both the A and B strains of the flu.

I have been lysoling and boiling and scrubbing and sleeping in a completely separate room than all the sickies.... My OB knows about the Flu problem and since I have started my "every two week" appointments, he said he would just check me out Monday to make sure everything was ok with me.... but otherwise.. I am exposed and at this point, not a damn thing he can do for me.

J's cousin had her twins early at 33 weeks due to Pre-eclampsia. Jake was 4lbs, 3oz and Max was 2lbs, 13oz. They are doing well.

I just hit my 30 week mark.... of course, that is also when I hit the "damn, 6-8 weeks from now I will have another boy in this house" point... I promptly ordered more cloth diapers and new pump accessories.... and started looking at new cars.

We decided that eventhough we can technically fit 3 car seats in the back of the CRV, it isn't safe at all. 3 row SUV here we come... we found a 3rd row Ford Explorer with a great price attached.... J wanted to keep our options open.. it sold 2 days later...
So we are still looking.

What we have coming up before Corgan's arrival?
G's birthday party
A shower the church is throwing me.
G starts his soccer season.
Spring Break for G coming and going
Hopefully getting a new car bought.
Hopefully getting our income tax check to help pay off said car.. (we totally got the tax credit for buying and we are totally stoked.
Hopefully get bottles and monitors and a swing bought for Corgan.

then hopefully Corgan will come into this world healthy and happy as we will be to welcome him.

I will try to be better about updating.. but I can't promise anything.

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