Tuesday, March 16, 2010

32 weeks today.. the countdown begins... sort of.

So today I hit 32 weeks.

Feeling every bit of 36.

So, now that the birthday parties for the boys are out of the way... what are we doing for the next 4-8 weeks before Corgan gets here?

Doc appointment for me.
Doc appointment for G.
G's soccer practices, and J coaching debut starts.
J has another long weekend out of town.
Baby shower for Corgan.
Dentist appointment for G.
G's soccer games starts.
Date night with a bestie.
J goes to West Palm Beach.
I am 36 weeks... and at that point in this family, it is minute by minute thing.... thankfully J hasn't scheduled any out of town trips at this point because we are going to wait and see when Corgan comes....

Now, the week of my due date and the week after Mother's Day, J has an opportunity to go to a big week long trip which is a big deal... he needs to go... it would mean alot of contacts and leads for him... I don't necessarily want him to, because lets be honest, it will be the first time I am with all 3 boys by myself for a LOOOOOOOOOOOONG time period, which is fairly soon after Corgan will be born.... but he hasn't committed to that, but he needs to.. lets just see what Corgan will decide.

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