Wednesday, March 24, 2010

33 weeks and 1 day

33 weeks, 1 day and a doc appointment.

Didn't gain anymore weight again.. thank you diarrhea. But they checked my urine and it doesn't seem I am too dehydrated. Apparently this might be something that won't go away until after delivery. Ugh.

So me and the doc talked some more as I informed him "I have contractions that are around 20-25 minutes apart, I feel "things" when I am having them, they last like 30 seconds and I think this kid has dropped... it makes me anxious that things are starting to happen too soon and I am worried.

He informed me that he won't stop a delivery after 34 weeks, so I just need to make it 6 more days... he is not worried... I shouldn't be... he said 34 weekers have very similar stats than that of 36-37 weekers... the latter is just heavier. He didn't chose to check my cervix even with my concerns and told me he would see me in 2 weeks unless I feel like there is a reason to come in sooner.... like if I think I am in labor. He is a very very laid back doctor and seems to very very laid back about my pregnancy... something I am not sure how I feel about. Very crazy.

Now, I am still in the mindset of 36-37 weeks is the best time for me.... or later, whatever.. so I am still going to try to monitor and hydrate contractions and lay down alot and limit the sex intake until about 35 weeks...

We will see what happens and pray that Corgan is happy and healthy whenever he decides to come...

So to me, I am 20-48 days from seeing my 3rd little man.

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