Tuesday, April 21, 2009


So, right now, not much is going on around here.
The appraiser came out and he appraised the house for $100.00 more than what we accepted an offer on... he just insisted that singles be replaced... they were and now he is due to drop by and make sure we aren't a big bunch of liars.

Closing has been set for the 29th at 10:30am. No walk thru has been scheduled yet, and my realtor isn't expecting they will schedule one... again, nice but stupid.
Oh well.. not my house anymore... the other family was wanting us to be out before the 1st and actually asked if we could be out before the 1st... I told them no, but promised I would call my realtor if we were.

We know what it is liked to get burned the day of closing and having your entire house in a truck.

G is going to his appointments every week.. this is going to be the last week for all appointments though. He is doing somewhat better. I made him weighted blanket to help and it has.. a lot.

Sorry today is so boring.
Hugs... Love you all.

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