Wednesday, April 8, 2009

RANDOM... aren't you excited

So, the contract is still intact and we are continuing to head into moving... keep praying that nothing goes wrong.
We spent Friday night and all day Saturday looking at houses... we found nothing we were happy with... nothing...

So we spent all day Sunday looking at lots. We are right now still debating between 2 lots to build a house on.... of course, building won't start until after we close, and building should take 3-4 months... during that time we will be living with Ka-Ka and Pops.... it will help us save for closing costs on the new house. We are getting really excited... now all I have to do is finish up the building plans.

Lot #1:
1.7 acres. $39,500. Not very many property restrictions.. but couuuuuuuuuu-ntry! I love it.

Lot #2:
.9 acres. $42,000. More restrictions on building.. expensive building restrictions.. in a cove in an established neighborhood... would be great for resale.

G went in for his Sensory Integration evaluation... I have not gotten the formal results of the evaluation, but the OT said that she feels like he does have Mild (Level I) Sensory Integration/Processing Disorder.. she calls it Sensory Defensiveness. She has given me some things to do before he goes to bed and when he gets in his wild mode... I am going to have to read more to really understand what we are dealing with... but we will work through it. We see her every week until we move, then we are going to have to get hooked up with an OT in Middle Tennessee to continue on the therapy.

When I learn more about it.. I will explain it. What she did say was that G was more of high functioning than anything... almost for someone who didn't see him on a daily basis like me would just consider him "picky", "oversensitive", "over-reactive" and "controlling".


I want to start packing up the house.. but I put so much in storage when getting the house on the market and staging.. that there really isn't much to pack.. lol... I guess I just need to start separating the things we don't need while living with Ka-Ka and Pops.


D is finally over his upper resp. infection. And feeling so much better. Thank goodness.


Oh.. when we were out an about this weekend.. we kept coming across this same country store/gas station... it was cute... but 1 thing I noticed every time was that it was being visited by 2 wild turkeys.. they hung out mostly by the gas pumps... it was hilarious to me... not every you see this.


Jessica said...

The lots look great, and that first one is beautiful.

I'm glad you got G evaluated. I think SO many kids have sensory issues and go undiagnosed, and are therefore labeled behavior problems or whatever. If you have any questions, I would be happy to try to answer them.

I think those birds are guineas. I am thinking about getting some to take care of our tick problem.

Emmilu said...

so glad the house is still a GO! Both lots look nice!

Amanda and Michelle said...

I LOVE THE LOOKS OF MIDDLE TENNESSEE! Home sweet home. Good luck--we'll be sending ya'll lots of good thoughts and prayers.

Joye said...

wow, building. that will be fun. i know you can handle it :) what are those birds??? that would make me nervous to get gas hehehe birds seem to smell my fear and chase me.

Debbie said...

There are a lot of great books on Sensory Integration. "The Out of Sync Child" is probably the most well know reference out there. I have a big list on my site.