Friday, April 10, 2009

Spider Monkey

When D was born, he had a head full of hair... the same hair that never had an end.. it continued onto his face down to his eyebrows in the form of dark peach fuzz... at that point, I called him my spider monkey.

2 years later... me calling him spider monkey has a totally different meaning.

I can't get past his playing with his poop phase..
yesterday consisted of a monkey bath because of him smearing his poop all over himself.

This morning when I woke with G, I heard D talkin' in the monitor... I heard the words "Poop all gone" over and over.

What first popped into my head made me gag...

"Did he just eat his poop?... great, another call to poison control."

Thankfully he hadn't.. he just took it all out of his diaper via the back of the pants and shoved it all between the bed and the wall...


I would love for him to really get past this stage.

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Emmilu said...

Maybe it's time to potty train?