Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Time for another random

Emmilu - 3 men in the house.. sometimes is very fun... other times you are in real need for a female conversation. Call me and we will take advantage of each other in that way. We can talk making baby food and cloth diapers.
Just get use to fart laughing times 3.


I never thought this phrase would ever in a million years come out of my mouth, but I will say it...

"I was awaken from my morning to sleep in to a grown man singing 'can you teach my alligator manners' at the top of his lungs in a high pitched, ear bleeding tone... but it woke me laughing".


I just recently uploaded pics from the camera... there was 2 videos of my label maker.... like 3-4 minute videos... of just my label maker.
I didn't take them.
J didn't take them.
But we are not going to point blame... but I have to GUESS it was part of someone's late night adventures.


Speaking of G (believe me.. we were talking about him)... *knock on wood* he has not come out of his room and played in 2 weeks... he hasn't TRIED to come out and play in about 5 days...
progress maybe...

And speaking of progress.... for 2 years we have been consistently taking the boys to the nursery at church, or to the class that they need to be in... either way, every Sunday, within 15 minutes of them going in, we have a worker coming to find us out of the sermon to come get our crazed children because of various reasons;
1) they are trying to get out and are letting other children out.
2) he is making himself sick crying
3) he just won't stop crying
4) he just refuses to stay

It has been so frustrating...
But guess what??
Out of the blue last Sunday, G decided that he wanted to be in there.. didn't cry.. didn't try to get out, and didn't want to leave when we came to get him....
It shocked us so bad.. it was worrying us.. but definitely not enough to stop it.


The lady that just had the octuplets... and already had 6, including twins, at home... in her 2 bedroom home that she shares with her parents... because she is single and is obsessed with babies (according to the grandmother) and convinced a doctor to give her extreme fertility treatments... and she is only 33 years old... and is apparently crazy...

People like her piss me off... and her momma should have slapped her long ago.


Did you know putting a new coat of paint and changing the trim can really change the look of a house.. like completely different...


The fact that all 24 digits are working is what makes go "wow". But didn't Goliath have 6 digits on each hand and foot too?
1 Chronicles 20:6
And yet again there was war at Gath, where was a man of great stature, whose fingers and toes were four and twenty, six on each hand, and six on each foot and he also was the son of the giant.


Can't believe this was over 2 years ago...


G has been denied by Early Intervention... no delayed enough.

D on the other hand, by my surprised, has been accepted. Apparently his communication and cognitive levels are at least 25% delayed.

I am shocked.

He is chatty Cathy... but apparently that is not good enough.

My biggest concern is his cognitive levels being so delayed... that is what engineers like me thrive on and having him delayed bugs me a bit...

ok.. maybe not so shocked.

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Joye said...

This last pic is classic! What the heck is it? a beard?? hehehehe