Monday, February 23, 2009

The House

Ok.. we put it up on the market on Monday, sign hit the yard on Wednesday (same time as a foreclosure 3 doors down) and


The answering/scheduling service called Saturday during the boys nap and let me know that a Realtor wanted to show the house Sunday between 6-6:30.

I began to wig out.

J was in Utah for the weekend, and my mom was ordered to take the weekend off of everything...

I had been to Ole Time Pottery that morning to get some "staging" stuff.
shooo one sigh of relief.

I made a 2nd list for Lowe's while the boys napped and once they got up I fed them and we headed to Lowes... we got home right about time for the boys to go down for the evening.

I ended up caulking, painting the kitchen ceiling, changing chandelier in the kitchen, changed all the knobs throughout the house, painted ceiling in the garage (part of it at least), changed light fixture in guest bathroom, changed towel rack in guest bathroom, changed toliet paper holder in guest bathroom, changed light switches and outlets and replaced their covers, and changed the door knob in the guest bathroom.

Then I scrubbed the house and staged it.

Then I cleaned where my middle 4 legged child is showing his "I am so NOT HAPPY ABOUT ALL THESE CHANGES" attitude.

Thankfully my dad got off work for the first day in like a month (they have had them working 12 hours/7 days) and him and my mom took the boys around noon.

I left the house with the dogs at 5:55 to go over to my mom's and eat and pick up the kids.

Then Sasha spilled 2 whole Pepsi's all over my car, because she is a 60lb tit baby. I think the leaf that blew up on the car was more scared of her.

We go home at about 8:30 to find a response of feedback already on my email!!!

"My client liked the house but not his first choice. Still thinking and may want to bring his parents back sometime this week. Thanks for letting me show."

We are second to what I just found out was a house on the pond/lake in Stonebridge.

I guess that is good for the first time showing.

I thing my realtor is optimistic because on every email she says "he hasn't made up his mind yet". But we are not getting our hopes up. I mean, it was the first showing.

I will tell you a secret though...

After all this stuff we have done to this house... I totally want to buy a "fixer-upper" for our next house and completely remodel it.

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