Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I fear...

There are sometimes I fear what my children will have to learn in this day in time. I fear for their faith, their heart, their life, their self-esteem, their freedom.. (not that I THINK one or both of my children would go to jail... but just fearing here... and keeping a close eye on G)

I mean, the world has become totally different since we were just itty bitty babies... and you look at the world now and it is totally difficult to NOT grow up loony.

Then I fear a spouse for them.
And what that significant other will influence on them.
And what their inlaws will influence on them.

Then my fear of what little girls are growing up to appreciate these days.
(*courtesy of

Playboy... at 12?
At 12 all I had heard of was "Tomboy".

Oh, that's right... there was not a reality show of Hugh Hefner's triplet double D's when I was 12.


something...maybe...special said...

I don't know how old I was, probably around 10 or 12, when my grandparents got me a necklace. The pendant on it was a playboy bunny. My grandparents were under the impression that it was a butterfly. You would think the sales person would tell them what it was. I knew that it was bad, but didn't know why. My mother had to tell them what it was. We went back to the store and got a different pendant.

Emmilu said...

you're not kidding. Girls are fast these days... they are stalkers... even in middle in school.... you dont' want to know the kind of stuff they just offer out.