Thursday, February 26, 2009

He's got a mouth on him

G has exploded with words. All of a sudden he has started talking in sentences and carrying on conversations either with himself or me. His imagination has just grown and he is turning into such a big boy...

With that said...

He is also rude/funny/sassy/sharp...

I love hearing it and I laugh a lot of the day now.

example 1)
We were getting ready for our nap and he had his book already picked out...

Me: G, go potty then we will read.

*I will give him the benefit of the doubt he didn't hear me*

Me: G, go potty before you take a nap

*He immediately drops the book on his toe.

Me: Aww, let me kiss it. Better?
G: NO.

*He proceeded to the urinal and turned to look at me.

G: Owie foot boo boo
Me: I know baby.. I'm sorry
G: Yea, me too.

example 2)
We had just got finished showering. D was dressed and running around like a chicken with his head cut off and I was getting G out of the shower and getting him dried off. He was laying on a towel on the floor and D comes running in...





G: (in the loudest voice he could manage) WHAT??!! LEAVIN' ME LONE!!


And he newest favorite phrases to me include but not limited to...
"Gettin' off me!!"
"I NO like you"
"Leavin' me lone!"
"No want you, want dadda!!"
"I got you now!!"
"Psst, mommy, psst"
"D, lightin'.. me, chick hick... *as he is ramming him* CRASH!!!"

And just think.. we try to teach these kids to talk.

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Emmilu said...

Glad to hear he's coming along! At least he's not cursing like mine is (daddy let him watch Back to the Future before he remembered how bad the language was). But its funny becuase he doesnt fully get it. So when he's mad, instead of saying "I'm mad", he says "I bull*&@^$".